A weekend in Oslo, Norway

I loved Oslo. There are some great places to eat and drink… however just be prepared for how much it will cost you.


(Holmenkollen Ski Museum)


There are lots of lovely walks around the city. We walked from the city to Bygdøy and then got the ferry across to city again for around £5.


(View from Bygdøy)

We visited Holmenkollen, the ski museum, which cost around £10 and took 30 minutes on the tram from the city. It was a definite highlight of our trip. IMG_1297.JPGIMG_1290.JPG

View from the Holmenkollen viewpoint.

Restaurants and bars


The mysterious Pjoltergeist Restaurant was recommended by a local. As all the usual cool kids do, you can’t book a table or you can but you have to text a certain number to book. We showed up early (around 6ish) and managed to get a table at the bar. Small menu packed with incredible flavour.

Pjoltergeist Restaurants address: Rosteds gate 15 b, 0178 Oslo, Norway.


The Thief rooftop bar and around the Harbourside has lovely little bars. Be prepared to spend £15 on a glass of wine but a great bar to take your mother for a cheeky vino!


(Photo at The Thief)

For lunch, I’d recommend Godt Brød Grünerløkka. Apparently, there are a few of them in Oslo but we went to the one near Olaf Ryes Plass which has a vibrant market on a Sunday. There are loads of lovely bars and restaurants around Grüners gate. From there we headed to Mathallen Food Market.

On a Sunday at Blau Bar there is a live band with plays outside at 4pm then again inside at 8pm. Apparently, this is where all the hipsters go for a beer.


Any questions, please do let me know.

❤STG x

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