Things to do outside London

London is an incredible place but we all need a bit of fresh country air at some point. Here are some places that are only a short train ride away for a great day out.

  1. Brighton

For as little as £10, you can get a train from either London Bridge or London Victoria station which takes between 45 minutes to an hour. Brighton is a seaside hippie town with the famous pier and very 1970’s feel to it. Get yourself some fish and chips and an ice cream and chill out with the seagulls – although watch your chips, they can be vicious!

Recommendations: The Breakfast Club for some breakfast or brunch, The Flour Pot Bakery for a delicious cake and coffee, Lydea for some decent vegetarian lunch options, MEATliquor for all your meats needs, Choccywoccydoodah for all your chocolate needs, and The Ginger Dog for a good pint. If you make all of these you get a STG gold badge…

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

2. The Lavender Fields – Hitchin

From London King’s Cross take the train to Hitchin Station (around 30-45 minutes). An open return ticket costs £18.90 but it can be cheaper if you book specific train. From the station, you can walk (45 minutes), take the bus (29 mins) or get a taxi (10 minutes) to the Lavender Fields. Entry costs £5 but you can pick as much of the beautiful lavender as you’d like.

A good pub nearby for food and drinks is The Old George.


3. Oxford

The quaint student town of Oxford, famous for its university, is an hour from London. An open return ticket costs £25.70.

For lunch, I’d recommend The Missing Bean, Society Cafe Oxford or the Organic Deli Cafe. Great bars are The Varsity Club which has a cocktail bar with good views of Oxford or The Duke of Cambridge. Both have happy hours from 4-9pm Sunday – Thursday. House Bar is also nice.

IMG_9930.jpgPhoto: Oxford University

When it comes to accommodation, there are some simple Airbnbs but you can also get some good hotel deals on If you’re looking for extra special accommodation, check yourself into Soho Farmhouse, where you can order cocktails to your hot tub and dine in the many incredible restaurants. It’s a 45-minute drive from Oxford and a 15-minute drive from Banbury train station.

IMG_9197.jpgPhoto: Soho Farmhouse

4. Arundel

Set west of Brighton, Arundel near Worthing is just over an hour from London. We explored the little town and the Arundel Castle (ticket £10 each). We walked around Swanbourne Lake, including its cafe for a pit stop.

IMG_9934.jpgPhoto: Arundel Castle

5. Seven Sisters

It takes around 4 hours to walk the cliffs of the Seven Sisters but its views are worth it. Take the train from London to Seaford, bring a packed lunch and water or stop at the Beachy Head for a well-deserved pint.


6. Cambridge

Another town famous for its first class university, Cambridge is a delightful very English version of Venice. Rent a boat and punt down the river, or if you can’t be bothered, book a tour and someone else will do it for you.

Unfortunately, the smooth water was too soothing for young Michael and he fell asleep missing the tour.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.19.32.pngPhoto: Punting in Cambridge. Great day out with the boyfriend…!

Let me know of your great outings outside London:

❤ STG x

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