Five days in Slovenia

The only reason I went to Slovenia is because a friend showed me a photo of Lake Bled. From there I was sold. I took my mother, who we call Big Phil, for a 5-day expedition starting in its capital city, Ljubljana before driving to Lake Bled for 2 days and finally to Dobrovo, where we spent a night in the breathtaking wine country on the border of Italy and Slovenia.

What more could you ask for in 5 days!

 IMG_0194Photo: Looking out from Ljubljana Castle.

How to get there?

Flights from London to Slovenia or Ljubljana aren’t exactly cheap, so a top tip, if you are flying from London, is to fly Trieste on the very right corner of Italy and rent a car to drive to Slovenia.

We rented a decent car from Europcar at Trieste airport for around £100 for 5 days. We drove to Ljubiana which took 1.5 hours, but the roads were nice and it was pretty straight forward.

IMG_0159Photo: Boat trip around Ljubljana

2 days in Ljubljana

We stayed at a small but cozy studio apartment in the heart of Ljubljana, which cost a mere €40 per night. The host Dimitrj is welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable about the city and this little apartment is perfect for a cheap, city break.

The free walking tour takes place daily at 11am. It is a great way to learn more about a city and to get recommendations from the tour guide who lives there. The tours work on tips so you pay however much you think it’s worth. I usually give the guide €5 for a 3-hour tour.

IMG_0213Photo: Ljubljana Castle

Since Ljubljana is surrounded by water, rent a boat to see the outskirts of the capital then at sunset, take a walk up to the castle to eat at the incredible restaurant if your budget will stretch.

IMG_1651Photo: Walking the steps to Lake Bled’s Castle

Lake Bled

Lake is bled a beautiful town a mere 45 minutes drive from Ljubljana. There are good hostels and cute little cabins around the town, however, we stayed at Apartments Vila Marjetica which were close to the town centre, clean and around €90 a night.

Rowing boats are available for €12 (roughly) from all around the lake, so rent a boat, pack a picnic and get rowing! You can also walk up the most southern hill to have this view overlooking the bell tower, which is quite stunning.

Big Phil didn’t make this walk!

IMG_0358Photo: 20minutes to the summit for this view

We drove to Vitgar Gorge for a tour of the waterfalls and canyons which stretches over 1.6km. The walk is pretty easy, (Big Phil managed it), and only costs €5 or €3 if you are a student.

IMG_0327Photo: Vitgar Gorge

And the final stop…. Wine Country!

Little did I know, but Slovenia is famous for its wine. I asked the restaurant manager at the castle in Ljubljana where we should visit on our last night in Slovenia and he suggested driving to the border between Italy and Slovenia and sampling the delicious wines – what a great suggestion!

IMG_0408Photo: The fabulous Klinec B&B

So from Lake Bled we drove 2 hours to the Dobrovo wine region where we stayed at B&B Klinec. This family run hotel has stunning views from the pool across the vineyards. The owner was so lovely and invited Big Phil and I to join him and his friends sampling their vineyards wine. I would definitely stay here again – 10/10 for value for money.

IMG_0388Photo: The Klinec B&B

Book yourself in for a wine tour, take a drive through the windy roads, or simply chill by the Klinec pool, complete with a delicious glass of red.

We loved Slovenia, even though Big Phil thought she was Slovakia half of the time, we would love to go back.

Let me know how you get on –

❤ STG (and Big Phil) x


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